A complete user manual for Google Analytics

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  • Creating users, profiles, and filters
  • Terms like bounce rate, conversion, goal, funnel, new visits defined
  • Comparing organic, referral, paid, and direct traffic on a campaign basis
  • Advanced segments covered for all the popular reports
  • Compare your metrics with other sites of similar size in your industry
  • Starts with sign up and tracking code implementation

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  • Gain real insights

    Learn how to understand the metrics that Google Analytics provides you. Our manual will give you the information you need to connect the dots and start making educated decisions about your website.

  • Create useful reports

    Learn how to expand the basic reports that Google Analytics provides. Adding advanced segments to your reports that will help you find out in depth information behind your website traffic.

  • Plan for inbound marketing

    Learn how to harness the power of inbound marketing. Learn how people are finding you and take it a step further by finding out the patterns of visitor behaviour on your most popular landing pages.

  • Avoid lost business

    Find out where your users are falling short of what you want them to do. Discover what pages people are leaving most frequently from or what part of your sales process is turning them away.